Vixen Boombox: Jaden Smith ‘Blue Ocean V19′ and ‘Trophy V6′

Will and Jada Smith’s first born has emerged to show us that he has some skills when it comes to getting on the mic. On this somber Wednesday afternoon, Jaden Smith releases “Blue Ocean V19″ and “Trophy V6.”

On “Blue Ocean V19″ Jaden sings about getting his ego torn down buy a girl he met at Coachella who belongs to someone else.  Over gloomy instrumentation accented with sounds of thunder he shows off his rapping and singing skills and then his little sis, Willow, comes through to lay some strong vocals.

His next track, “Trophy V6″  brightens the mood as he rhymes over a light-hearted nostalgic instrumental about trying to undo the educational systems’ damage and meeting A Tribe Called Quest. Flip the page and press play to hear the two tracks.

Photo Credit: Soundcloud