Pyramids & Math: WTF Is Jaden Smith Talking About In ‘i-D’ Magazine?

Jaden Smith might be smarter than all of us, but we can’t be sure. In a recent interview with i-D Magazine, Will and Jada’s son has some – for lack of a better term – interesting things to say. Put to the task of naming his favorite things, Jaden professes his love for pyramids, mathematics, love and his parents. And it all somehow makes (painfully) confusing sense.

Here’s what we know:

So… he’s building pyramids.
“I’m building it because I realised that school is not going to help me. I needed to assemble my own school, where I get to learn whatever I want. So I’m studying trigonometry and building pyramids. I’m about to build three more that I’m going to be living in, sleeping in and spending all my time in.”

And he taps into every part of his mind in his music.
“Every time I get on the mic, I’m just letting out my soul, and whatever is inside of me. It’s me, my subconscious, my unconscious, my super-conscious.”

Aside from Batman costumes, Jaden also experiments with going pants-less.
“I’m excited to wake up in the morning because I know that today is a new day. I’ve been walking around the place with no pants on today, like, ‘It’s going to be so fun to see how fast those people kick me out, it’s going to be so great.”

He has a fragile heart.
“I get my heart broken like once a week, but you can break your own heart with the power of your mind, without even having another person, because we’re all trapped in our minds.”

There’s a math lesson here somewhere.
“When I look at the mathematical ratio in my body, the perfect ratio is pretty much just a measuring stick, so is every tree, every plant and every root that was born here.”

Lastly, he doesn’t know how old his sister Willow is.
I think teenage love is so crazy, so blind and so awesome that I’m glad Willow is here to express to us what it’s like to fall in love at whatever age Willow is. I don’t know what age she is, because she’s too smart to even have an age.

Confucius or nah?

Also, Jaden released a new video entitled “Fast” today, in which he’s also above our consciousness: