Janay Rice Doesn’t Think Her ‘Suffering’ Should Be A Halloween Costume

Halloween always brings out creative and interesting costumes, but when you’re Janay Rice, you don’t care and you want it to stop. The costume du jour this year seems to be domestic violence-themed, having Rice (or a doll likened to be her) battered, and she’s not happy about it at all. Earlier this year, she was involved in a widely-publicized showdown in an elevator with her husband former NFL star Ray Rice. The case was talked about all over, and although they’ve dimmed from the spotlight people still haven’t forgotten. She tweeted this over to TMZ:

What’s more offensive is that some people (read:white) are using blackface to get their point across, paired with the fact that a woman was beaten up by her husband in a public space. Here’s what non blackface looks like. Take notes: