Vixen Artist Spotlight: Janine & The Mixtape


New Zealand isn’t home to just pop wunderkind Lorde. It’s the native land of your headphones’ next addiction, Janine & The Mixtape. Thanks to her trippy EP, Dark Mind, the New York transplant (real name Janine Foster) has snagged credits for VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (her song “Hold Me” soundtracked Bambi’s tragic miscarriage with boyfriend Lil’ Scrappy’s baby) and Black Ink.

Before reality shows and Netflix became a thing, Janine found her muse in street hip-hop mixtape franchise, And 1, which eventually birthed her stage name. “It was a combination of this tough but cute and cheesy girl who likes basketball,” she said.

Still, her lyrical offerings have been less than lighthearted. Her Dark Mind EP was a product of battling depression and suicidal thoughts for a decade. “It really was a transition from [having a] dark mind to a more positive frame of mind,” she says, referencing one of the more quotable lyrics from her project, “This truth ain’t pretty but neither is self pity.”

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