Photo of the Day: The Most Perfect Jay Z and Beyonce Halloween Costume


Every year since Jay Z and Beyonce became music’s “it” couple, we have seen an influx of Halloween costumes trying to portray either one of them. If it wasn’t an overload of girls in Sasha Fierce’s “Single Ladies” leotards, guys rocked a white tee, fitted, and threw up their diamonds for a budget-friendly Jay Z halloween night. Well with the conclusion of one of the greatest concerts, “On The Run” tour, we’re predicting a Carter halloween with couples recreating their Tumblr, stage, and music video outfits.

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And if we can give a pre award for the best rendition of the couple so far, it would go for the above couple. Recreating the intro performance of their tour title, this cute couple nailed The Carter’s ensemble complete with Bey’s netted headpiece and Jay’s american flag t-shirt.

Ladies and Gents if you want to Bey Z your Halloween, make sure you come correct like these two did!