Make Another Hov: 7 Celebrities Who’ve Done Jay Z Impersonations

Who does Hov best?

Denzel Washington is obviously a phenomenal actor. So when he made an appearance on The Queen Latifah Show recently, it wasn’t a surprise to see him attempting to do an impersonation of someone. What was surprising, though, was that he managed to nail an excellent impersonation of none other than Jay Z. “Yeah, D,” he said in Jay Z’s voice, before unleashing an impression of Hov’s laugh, “I’m gonna put this on for you, just tell me what you think.”

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It was one of the better Jay Z impersonations that we’ve ever seen. But it’s definitely not the only one that we’ve watched in recent years. So how did Denzel’s impression stand up to all of the others? Check out these 7 other celebrities who have impersonated Hov and see for yourself.

Photo Via VIBE