Jimmy Fallon and Will.I.Am Cross Dress For ‘Ew’ [Video]

Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show debuted its first single last night featuring Will.i.am aka Mir.i.am. The two performed the song—as their teenage girl alter egos Sarah and Mir.i.am— about things that they think are “Ew.”

Fallon channels pop culture and celebrity gossip that is important to teenage girls by rapping about it on a funky beat.

The duet came into play when Will.i.am appeared on the show two months ago and he told Fallon that he really liked the “Ew” skit that he does. Fallon decided that he was going to write up a skit with him in it and eight weeks later we have two men dressed as underaged girls in dresses posing as femcee’s.


Fallon is known to make celebrities do comedic skits that they usually wouldn’t participate in. Watch the hilarious video on the next page to see what Sarah with an “h” and Mir.i.am think is “ew” this week.

Photo Credit(s): Screen shot