Bus Driver Tearfully Thanks Kevin Hart For Helping To Get Her Job Back

Being a Kevin Hart fan landed one bus driver in hot water last week. After stopping her bus to grab a selfie with the comedy star, Genesha Bradley was suspended by National Car Rental without pay. Thankfully, Hart was able to help get Bradley back to work after taking to his Instagram in her defense:


I'm asking "National Rental Car" to please give Ganesha Douglas a pass. She has learned from her mistake. She nor I intended for this to happen. #LoveMyFans

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Now, Bradley is back to work for National Car Rental, and Inside Edition gave her an opportunity to thank Hart for his support. Welling up with tears, she was asked why she was crying. “Tears of joy. I am overwhelmed by this video. It’s all over my Facebook page. I’m just happy that he would do that for me,” she said. “I’m just really happy that a celebrity would do this for me. Because he didn’t ask me to get off the bus; I got off on my own.” Watch Bradley thank Kevin Hart for his help in the video above.

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