7 Things Keyshia Cole Wants You To Know About Love, Besides It Sucks

While Mary J. basks in a blissful existence, Keyshia Cole has become the pretty poster child for a woman scorned. Looking at R&B’s current landscape, nobody articulates love—trusting it, needing it, dodging it, dissing it, falling madly in and out of it—quite like Ms. Cole.

Her discography may not be 100% autobiographical, but the tear-stained pillows, neck rolls, furrowed brows and balled up fists expressed through her sweetly strained runs and climactic notes resonated with women dealing with ain’t-shit significant other drama. Plus her regretful anthems rule.


Nine years and six albums later, Keyshia’s Point Of No Return—her last with Interscope Records—is still schooling us about the L word. We studied it for seven days. Here are seven things we learned about love, how to cope when it fails and the tough Oakland chick behind the music.

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