7 Things Keyshia Cole Wants You To Know About Love, Besides It Sucks

keyshia cole and daniel gibson divorce

Keyshia’s wants out of Heartbreak Hotel. Asap! 
Magnifying glasses permanently hover over celebrities’ romantic lives, so the story of Keyshia’s fallout with her husband of three years, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, should be familiar. Her feelings toward the failed relationship are well documented. Between broken promises, disappointment, betrayal and forgiving one too many step-out sessions, a girl can only tolerate the turbulence for so long. So it shows when she’s singing about it. You can hear her fatigue right away on the album’s opener. “Don’t wanna be heartbroken no more/Trying to kill me with all this nonsense, but I ain’t having it no more,” she sings flatly on “Intro (Last Tango).”