Here’s Proof Kim K Has Been Plotting On Fame Since 1994

Kim Kardashian West

Some things never change. If you thought Kim K’s love affair with the spotlight started after her reality show’s premiere seven years ago, you are sadly mistaken. In fact, Kanye West’s wife has been eyeing fame since she was in the 8th grade. In footage dug up by Entertainment Tonight, Kim’s 1994 graduation celebration earns the star some points for consistency.

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“Does everyone get a tape of this,” she asks in the camera before telling everyone why. ”Because I hope you do, so you can see me when I’m famous and old, and you’ll remember me, this beautiful little girl.”

Staking her claim on being the definition of dope (Kanye seems to agree), Kim K proceeded to place herself above the rest of her class, with a phrase we still don’t quite understand.

“My name’s Kim Kardashian. I’m the dopest of the ropest in this class. I’m dope on a rope. And you should learn that vocabulary.”

Watch Kim Kardashian be… Kim Kardashian in the video on VIBE.