Watch: Did Kim Kardashian Forget North West After Leaving Her Hotel?

Judging by the looks on North West’s face during Paris Fashion Week, the baby wasn’t here for it. After all, serving as your parents’, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, plus-one looks dreadfully exhausting.

But when it was finally time to jet home, North somehow turned up missing.

In a video taken Wednesday, Oct. 1, of Mrs. West leaving her Parisian hotel (remembering to show off her curves in a hole-y, pink Chanel suit, of course), she peeps inside her Sprinter and does an immediate about-face. Soon, Kim K reemerges with her child in her arms and that DARN-I-KNEW-I-FORGOT-SOMETHING! face.

Lets give the reality star some credit: at least she remembered before landing in Los Angeles…