K.Michelle And Elle Varner Decide To Play Nice And Squash Their Beef

“R&B” and “beef” are two words that just don’t work well together. K.Michelle and Elle Varner came to this realization recently. Not too long ago, the two songstresses had a falling out over allegedly stolen songs, swagger-jacking style and Meek Mill. Months later, K.Michelle took the initiative to bury the hatchet by complimenting Elle Veezy on her new music video for “F**ck It All” via Instagram post. “We may fuss and fight, but in the end I truly love her and wish her well,” K said. “This girl is talented and This video is fucking amaze balls. Go check it out today. #Salute #love @ellevarner.”

Elle Varner was receptive of the peace offering and followed up with the response, “I appreciate this. I wish you the best as well @kmichellemusic #fuckitall #loveemall.”

We’re glad they were able to put the past behind them.