Ray Rice and “Elevatorgate” Inspire ‘Law and Order: SVU’ Episode

law and order

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is taking a page out of the book of celebrity scandals for their upcoming episode. The  “American Disgrace” episode will be follow a fictional basketball star named Shakir “The Shark” Wilkins, played by Henry Simmons, that is accused of raping a PR employee from his clothing line. Things take a turn for the worse when appalling raw elevator footage is released by a gossip site named LMZ (haven’t we heard this story before?)

The storyline for this was obviously inspired by Jay Z and Beyonce’s “Elevatorgate” scandal and the Ray Rice controversy where elevator footage showing them engaging in violent activity without any audio.

YBF reports that the episode will also mimic elements of the Donald Sterling fiasco where he made racist comments about the African American community during a phone call with his mistress, V. Stiviano.

This isn’t the first time Law and Order: SVU  was inspired to have controversy imitate art. In 2013, they decided to have the tale of Chris Brown and Rihanna lend itself to one of their episodes.

“American Disgrace” will air tonight (Oct. 1) on NBC at 8 p.m eastern time.