[New Video] Tamar Braxton Ft. Future ‘Let Me Know’

All that glitters isn’t gold, unless you’re Tamar Braxton in her latest music video, “Let Me Know.”

Directed by her, the video features only her in multiple scene where the outspoken Braxton slays. Between her very blond to jet black hair and seven different outfit changes, Tamar’s vision is very…her.

The song, “Let Me Know” features Future in it and samples Aaliyah’s “At Your Best (You Are Love).” Future doesn’t make an appearance in her solo visual but his ad libs can be heard throughout her love song.

“We’ve been through so many things, ups and downs and in betweens, and if you need more love from me, I’ll give you more just let me know / It’s like a loving when you run and go tell somebody, Same loving put you through hell sometimes