Lil’ Wayne Defends Christina Milian In New Track ‘Take Kare’

Lil Wayne Defends Christina Milian
I don’t know what’s more disturbing: going through another Young Thug track that’s hard to decipher or listening to Lil Wayne refer to the mother of his child as an old hoe while defending his latest arm candy. Yes Lil Wayne’s newest track, “Take Kare” featuring Young Thug gives all those disturbing thoughts as he defends Christina Milian while playing his exes.
While we haven’t received an official confirmation from the YMCMB CEO or Christina that they’re a couple, the pictures have said it all and the track is just the icing on the cake. They say don’t come for me, unless I send for you, and between the subliminal message on Twitter from Candace Cabrera (who’s that? Think Flavor of Love) to Nivea not being keen on the relationship, Lil’ Wayne finally shares his thoughts on everything and everyone from his past.
Weezy goes from rapping about his exes, “wishing they were the b*tch they’re hating” to bedroom positions we could do without hearing in another track. We don’t know what Ms. Milian thinks of everything but we’re guessing she’s flattered by it all.
We just hope she doesn’t become a hip-hop sister wife to the Young Money millionaire. We can do without another reality show on “hip-hop culture.”
Missed the track? Have a listen!

Photo Credit: Getty