Recap: The 8 Craziest Quotes From Last Night’s ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’

Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood
Season 1, Episode 6
“Exit Stage Left”

The cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood have done a lot shit to live this here lifestyle. Miss Nikki raised her white flag and called it quits with Mally Mall and his infidelity, while Teairra Mari turned the page on a new chapter in her music career. Ray J also gives his assistant the boot while Lil’ Fizz tries to cope with his girl’s infidelity. Check out quotes that made us gasp from last night’s show below.

“J. Lo was here one night [at SupperClub]. They don’t care to see Teairra Mari.”—Sincere“I’m not gonna say I can fully trust her … She stepped out on me. She cheated on me.”—Lil’ Fizz
Fizz was very skeptical about revealing his girlfriend’s infidelity to fellow ex-B2K member Omarion. Not only was Amanda tangled in an affair with a Miami stud, she rented out a love shack under Fizz’s name and used it as a hook up pad when her side boo came into town. Fizzle forgave her and took her back.

“It’s like her family owns every strip club from here to New Zealand. No wonder she’s such a self-entitled little brat.”—Masika
Masika is offered a new business opportunity by a former employer where she worked as a bottle girl. The video vixen agreed to be the face of his new high-end strip club, Ace Diamonds. The catch: Miss Nikki and the Mudarris family own the property.

“Right now, I’m thirsty, but I can’t get a drink of water because the assistant I need ain’t there for me with the water bottle!”—Ray J
Ray J’s assistant Morgan is shifting gears in her career. Instead of tending to her duties, Morgan served as a celebrity correspondent on the red carpet for Powerhouse. Brandy’s younger bro didn’t have time for that.

“Did Ray just really fire me, after everything I’ve done for him?”—Morgan
Ray J and Morgan’s friendship tore at the seams after a series of events in the last two episodes have caused a rift between them. From Morgan keeping in contact with Teiarra Mari after his fight with her and Morgan turning up on Nikki at his video shoot, Ray is pretty much fed up with her behavior and hands her the slip.

“Every man has their thing that they do when they have sex. Mally loves to pull this long ass hair.”—Miss Nikki
Nikki continues to be in denial that Mally Mall had sex with Masika and decides to confront Masika at her photo shoot like a grown woman. Masika lets her know that the only reason she told Mally mall she loved him was because her hair was being pulled. #longhairdontcare

“Hey Nikki, you’re the lowest thing I ever met in my life.”—Mally Mall
Ouch. After Nikki and her mom exposed all his lies and tales about Masika, Mally Mall was trying his best to run from confrontation and hit her with a low blow.

“Get rid of his flowers. He’s dead. Get rid of all his shit and close the door.”—Michelle Mudarris
Nikki’s mom, Michelle, isn’t here for the humiliation Mally Mall put her daughter through. She was able to get Mall to admit that he flew Masika to Los Angeles and that they slept in the same bed with each other. The honesty was just too little too late.