Recap: The 15 Craziest Quotes From Last Night’s ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’

Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood
Season 1, Episode 6

The struggle is realer on episode 7 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Ray J’s drinking problems get him tangled with the law while Soulja Boy takes a step towards manhood when he meets his future father-in law, Teddy Riley. Apryl, mother to Omarion’s baby, continues to deal with O’s mama drama as Teairra Mari realizes she’s just not over Ray J. Check out the most intense moments from last night’s show below.

“If we get [the baby] circumcised, then I think it’s smart for you to get your penis circumcised” —Apryl
So did Apyrl really just announce to the world that Omarion has some extra meat on his sausage? The couple was in the process of rehearsing a few Lamaze moves in preparation for their home birth. Apryl stressed the importance of having her new born son circumcised. Omarion’s response? “I’m just trying to put the limousine in the garage.”

“Berg’s gon’ need to keep his lil’ young hands off these fine thighs”—Teairra Mari
Teairra has been teaming up with Berg to work on a few joints in the studio. There is an undeniable chemistry between the two, but Berg can’t keep his paws off the hotheaded vixen. He got a little too close to Teairra, complementing her on “her girls” and full figure.

“If your song sucks, we aren’t playing it.”—Yesi Ortiz
When Ray J burst through the doors of Power 106, radio host Yesi let him know straight up, IDFWU. She told Ray J that the reason the station wasn’t playing his music was because it sucked. That’s what happens when your last big single is about fucking a Kardashian.

“I’m introducing everybody to the new turnt up Ray J, what it do?!”—Ray J
Ray J has been in his feelings for the past three episodes. Say goodbye to the old him.

“I never introduced Dre (Soulja Boy) to my family just because I didn’t want to waste time … This time, I feel he’s more serious”—Nia Riley
Nia’s on-and-off-again relationship with Soulja Boy has been going eight years strong. She feels now is the right time for her, baby Kamryn and Dre to look for a house. Do we hear wedding bells?

“He’s a Soulja Boy, not a Soulja Man. There’s two different types.”—Taja (Nia’s sister)
Nia Riley’s sister, Taja, pointed out what we’ve known since 2007. Soulja Boy acts like the life of the party, not the type to father new life.

“I don’t got a drinking problem but I got a problem with people fucking with me while I’m drinking”—Ray J
Ray J was arrested for throwing a temper tantrum when a man accused him of grabbing a girl inappropriately. If you can go zero to 100 real quick off a couple shots, it’s time to seek some help.

“Did y’all have relations on the first night?”—Teddy Riley
Papa Riley wasted no time getting down to the nitty gritty of Soulja and Nia’s relationship. When Nia left the dinner table so that Dre and her pops could have a one-on-one conversation (think Papa Pope and Jake Bae), Teddy wanted to know if the two did the deed on their first date. Soulja Boy’s response: yes!

“I heard Teddy Riley was a player but damn I didn’t know he had that many kids. He’s sure producing a lot more kids than he is music”—Soulja Boy
Dre was shocked to hear that Nia comes from a family of 10, but he had no right to throw shade at the megastar producer.

“Once upon a time, we were really in love”—Teairra Mari
Hey Teairra, wrong show, boo. The singer popped up at the studio to check up Ray shortly after his arrest, expressing that she still cares for him. Brandy’s lil’ bro gave zero fucks about her feelings. See next quote.

“The last thing I owe you is an apology. You attacked my girl, you beat me up, you begged for a bag that you wanted, I gave it back to you and now you mad because of how I gave it back to you? Then you wanna come to the studio and act like you care because I got locked up?”—Ray J
Ray could be making a big deal about this everlasting Degrassi spin-off drama, but the guy does have a point. The proof is in the pudding… and the Monistat that fell out of Teairra’s bag.

“Omari feels I owe you an apology but I’m still trying to understand why.”—Leslie
Apryl invited Leslie over to the crib to make amends. After Leslie accused Apryl of being an unfit mother at her baby shower, O’s momma apologizes (with her son’s help) for being a sour-puss granny.

“You’re not my doctor. You’re not checking my vagina.”—Apryl
The mommy-to-be was fed up with Leslie’s BS. After Apyrl expressed wanting to hit the road with O on tour while pregnant, Leslie came for her kitty.

“Fuck outta here, your lyrics are whack and I’m tired of you pushing up on me like a Muppet in the heat.”—Yung Berg
When Hazel-E debuted her diss track to Berg, he went all the way off. Before dumping all the contents from her purse in the middle of the street, Berg told Hazel he believes in Teairra Mari’s career more than he believes in her. Sidebar: that “quality pussy” Berg mentioned is probably coming from his new bae, Masika.

“I’ve been holding you down for all these years and I just poured my heart out on this record and you’re just gonna shit on me?”—Hazel-E
For the upteenth time, Hazel explains to Berg that she’s been a ride-or-die since day one. She’s upset that he hates her song and doesn’t believe in her music. Berg doesn’t want Hazel using anymore of his material. Maybe Big Sean can executive produce Hazel’s next mixtape.