Jazmine Sullivan Teases ‘Mascara’ [Video]

“I woke up like this?” The get up and go beauty Beyonce preached about on her visual album may have made for an awesome photo caption, but Jazmine Sullivan is here to sing about the real, real when it comes to leaving the house looking ***flawless. In two Instagram videos, Ms. Sullivan teased a new song from her forthcoming Reality Show LP named “Mascara,” which details her prep process to walking out the house looking like a bag of money.

“Never leave the house without makeup on/Keep mascara in my pocket if I’m running to the market because you’ll never know who’s watching you,” she mouths along with the track.

She even dishes on the perks of looking pretty for her mister. “Yeah my hair and my ass fake, but so what? I get my rent paid with it/And my tits get my trips to places I can’t pronounce right/He said he’ll keep it coming if I keep my body tight.”

Oop! Sang Jazmine. Listen to the snippets on VIBE.