UPDATE: Melyssa Ford and Geneva Thomas Brawl

Geneva-Melyssa-Blood Sweat Heels

She took the blood part of the show’s name to another level and proved this fight wasn’t scripted.

Blood, Sweat and Heels stars Melyssa Ford and Geneva Thomas got into a brawl Monday night (Oct. 20) that ended with a broken bottle on the floor and a bloody Melyssa—who had to be rushed to Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC for stitches to her head and foot. Adding to her rap sheet that seems to be growing in just a matter of months, journalist Thomas was arrested for felony assault and appeared in court, Wednesday morning.

There’s still no word as to why the two women got into it, although Bravo cameras and sources at the scene, filmed it all. When TMZ caught up with Ms. Ford for questions, it appears she was either still dazed and confused from the Purity Vodka bottle smack across her head, or decided it was best to keep quiet regarding the situation, stating she was attacked and nothing further. Melyssa is said to press charges against Thomas for the incident that left her with three staples for her head wound.

Just last month, Thomas was “wrongfully” arrested for refusing to pay a cab fare to her home in Brooklyn, which she usually pays $10. The dispute started after the fare increased to $14.50 and alledgedly went as high as $25. Geneva claims she was verbally assaulted and yet, a month later, finds herself the face of a physical assault against her own cast mate.

Networks like VH1 are known to air episodes of fights amongst women with bottles, so we have to wonder, is Bravo becoming the new VH1?

Photo Credit: Getty Images