Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson To Plead Not Guilty To Child Abuse Charges

There’s a new update concerning Adrian Peterson’s child abuse charges.

The Minnestoa Vikings running back plans to plead not guilty to injuring his 4-year-old son, ESPN reports.

If Peterson is found guilty, the 29-year-old pro-athlete could be ordered to serve six months to two years in state prison. He’s currently scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday (Oct. 8), in Montgomery County, Texas.

Mary Flood, a spokesperson for Peterson’s attorney Rusty Hardin said, “If the court asks for a plea tomorrow [and we do expect that to happen], it will very definitely be NOT guilty. We hope that a trial date is also discussed but don’t yet know how the court’s docket is looking.”

Peterson is currently on the NFL’s exempt/commissioner’s permission list which means he’s banned from all team activities, but will still receive his full $11.75 million salary.

Photo Credit: Getty Images