Vixen Vent: Money, Prenup, Respect

Amber Rose

As much as we would like to stay true to the vows we made before God, our loved ones and our banks accounts to make it work, sometimes, ‘ish happens. We play lovey-dovey for the cameras, for a paycheck, and on the red carpet, and then turn around and claim there has been trouble in the home for months, maybe even years (hey, Lamar and Khloe, Wiz and Amber, Patrick and Gina Neely.) We think dedicating records and naming albums after our partners to take a little heat off of our misdoings, will right the wrongs, later finding out that there is nothing that can be done to mend the heart of someone who feels betrayed (hey, Robin and Paula.) We think designing our flesh with our partner’s name with a permanent substance means the relationship doesn’t stand the chance of being just a temporary sort of thing (hey, Nick and Mariah… and I guess me, too.) Love isn’t perfect and if it was, who wants that sort of story anyway, besides maybe KimYe?

No one gets into a relationship to prep them for a possible breakup later on in life. No one marries another thinking divorce is bound to happen down the line, but just as one should be mindful of who they decide to give that title of boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife (dare I say, friend with benefits) to, one should also take into consideration protecting their assets that they worked hard for. You can cover up the tattoo, hide your face in public from the paparazzi, keep your next relationship on the hush-hush, and bury your emotions in a pint of Talenti on a Saturday night, but you can’t blot out that hole in your bank statement that has now taken residence in your former flame’s.