16 Music Videos That Should Get a 3D Remake

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is about to get an epic makeover and we’re here for his night-of-the-living-dead remake. The near 14-minute short film is going to have an outer screen experience as it’ll soon be 3D. “It is going to reappear in a highly polished and three-dimensional way that is very exciting on the big screen,” the original video director, John Landis said.

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We’re excited to see how they upgrade one of his career-defining visual experiences, but we think there are a lot more that should give us the same in-your-face, interactive moments. While many videos today aren’t memorable, growing up, certain artist’s visuals kept us entertained. Flip the page to check out the 16 music videos we’re hoping get 3D magic added to them and redistributed to give us life.