NBA 2K’s 7 Greatest Hip Hop Moments

Hip hop and basketball went hand in hand way before Drake made the declaration that NBA players and rappers want to be just like one another. Dating back to 1984 when rap pioneer Curtis Blow famously rapped about the sport he loves, till the more recent pairings of NBA teams with giants of the genre (i.e., Drake with the Raptors and Jay Z with the Brooklyn Nets), the two worlds are synonymous with each other.

From its very inception, the 2K series embraced the fact that basketball’s most organic soundtrack is, at the core, is hip hop. It’s even got to the point where Jay Z and more for 2k15 Pharrell, have executive produced of the game’s soundtracks just to add a little extra oomph. Given these points, we decided to bring you NBA 2K’s 10 greatest hip hop moments.

A1 Since Day One

Back in 2000, Visual Concepts along with Sega Sports brought the world NBA 2K and put the Allen Iverson on the front cover. While the gameplay was innovative for its time (player facial expressions changed at key moments in the game) and having authentic play-by-play was new for the genre, putting Iverson on the cover, basketball’s first true hip-hop icon, on the cover made a statement for the culture.

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