New Music: Yo Gotti Feat. Lil’ Wayne And Ludacris ‘Errrbody (Remix)’

Yo Gotti brings out the big guns for his “Errrybody (Remix)” — featuring Lil’ Wayne and Ludacris. Tapping two of the South’s best known guest spotters, the crew delivers 16s sharp enough to pierce teflon.

Noisey: On the remix, Wayne kicks things off with some crazy energy, sounding like his mixtape days. How’d you get that kind of verse from him?
Gotti: Man, that Wayne verse is killer. I got that verse from him when we were out on the Drake Vs. Wayne Tour. You know, I think there was just so much good energy out there, so many people coming out there. And one thing he always said in his show is that he made classic records. I think this is a classic Lil Wayne verse.

Noisey: What about Luda? He’s been quiet for a while, but he’s obviously a legend. Why was it important for you to get him on the track?
Gotti:I wanted to do something that wasn’t expected. I make music with so many people, I have so many peers musically, but I didn’t want to do something you could expect and see coming. Luda’s one of the artists I respect that I’d never worked with on a record. Plus, he’s also one of the artists that I never heard a wack verse from. Certain artists like Bun B, Luda, you just never heard a wack verse from.