New Video: Elle Varner Is Pushed To The Limit In ‘F**k It All’

“Love can make you crazy things” in an understatement in Elle Varner’s latest visuals, ‘F**k It All.’ The cinematic five-minute clip tells the story of a woman who finds that her man is unfaithful. Attempting to stifle her pain while on a rural romantic vacation, she eventually disposes of her fucks. Her unsuspecting man then pays the ultimate price.

Elle Veezy reflected about tapping into the maddening power of love on “F**k It All” to The Fader:

“The most haunting thing about the tune for me is that I never break from the light, airy, melancholic melody until the very end,” she wrote. “It was a challenge as a writer and singer to stay on one melody and chorus lyric—“fuck it all”—and let only the verse lyrics grow in intensity.”

Watch Elle Varner lose it and say “F**k It All” in the video on VIBE