‘GQ’ Calls Nicki Minaj A ‘Cheeky Genius’ (See What They Did There?)

GQ recently caught up with Nicki Minaj for their November issue. Though she was half-asleep for most of the interview, the Young Money rapstress managed to drop some insight regarding her “Anaconda” song (which has become a dramatic poem) and its sexy accompanying visuals.

“She is just talking about two guys that she dated in the past and what they’re good at and what they bought her and what they said to her,” Nicki said of the video’s main character. “It’s just cheeky, like a funny story.”

“Cheeky” it was, but apparently she didn’t intend to draw attention to the backside. Speaking on the single’s wildly popular cover art (we wonder why), Nicki shared her surprise at the various Photoshop versions that sprung from its release.

“I just said I’ll put it out, never thought in a billion years that people would be putting [other] people’s heads on it. It’s the craziest shit,” she said.

Calling the clip a “normal video,” Nicki Minaj also added some context to one particular scene – no, not the Drake one – the other one, where she chops up that banana.

“Yeah, that was important for us to show in the kitchen scene, because it’s always about the female taking back the power, and if you want to be flirty and funny that’s fine, but always keeping the power and the control in everything.”

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