No New Adele Music Until 2015

Like seriously, I can’t even deal. Earlier in the year, Adele gave fans hope with a cryptic Tweet.

Both of the Grammy winner’s previous albums were titled 19 and 21,so it was fair to assume the singer-songwriter’s newest project would follow suit and be appropriately dubbed 25 . But more importantly, Adele’s album would be done and her newest music would be available for purchase on our iTunes. However, according to The New York Times, the singer’s label, XL Recordings, revealed in a single (trying to be slick) line in the company’s financial report that Adele’s album, or any other album, wouldn’t be released in 2014. “There will not be a further new release by Adele during 2014 and consequently there will be a fall in XL’s turnover and profits.” The company also mentioned the Oscar winner’s 2011 album 21, which sold more than 25 million copies continued to keep the company afloat with sales. Well that’s all fine and good that Adele’s previous work is helping to keep the lights on. but how does this help music fans? After reading this, I kind of want to Van Gogh myself. I mean seriously, if Adele isn’t releasing any new music this year, than why even have ears?

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