Not Fly: 12 Celebrities Who’ve Been Arrested For Doing Dumb Things At Airports


Last week, Too $hort made “a big f-cking mistake” (his words, not ours!) when he accidentally tried to take a bag that had a loaded firearm inside of it into the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, Calif. Fortunately, the Bay Area rapper wasn’t arrested on the spot according to an interview that he did after the fact. But he was cited a short time later and will likely have to pay some sort of fine for bringing a gun into the airport.

He got off easy, though. Because in the past, we have seen quite a few celebrities get into big trouble for doing stupid stuff before boarding airplanes. Just check out these 12 celebrities who’ve been arrested for doing dumb things at the airport. What were they thinking? —Chris Yuscavage

Photo Credit: Getty Images