Now Kim Kardashian Can Never ‘Forget’ North West Again

kim kardashian in chanel

Nine gold rings, it’s nothin’.

Kanye West’s wife got nine new pieces of jewelry, and they all signify her love for their daughter. Taking to Instagram to show off a new ring set, Kim Kardashian debuted new finger wear that displays the letters “NORTH WEST.”

It is apparent that the Wests are creative when it comes to subtle shows of affection. Just last week, Khloe Kardashian shared photos of North West’s Kimye doll set. Made in the image of her mommy and daddy, the dolls were given specific detailing, including Kanye’s doll’s custom-made Yeezys.

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Kim’s mothering skills were put up for debate recently when a video hit the Web of the reality star seemingly forgetting North West in a hotel. She later took to Twitter toclear the air. Now, Kim is she’s wearing her new accessories while out and about, no one should be able to accuse her of something so ridiculous… right?

Check out her new nine-finger rings on VIBE.