On Fleek? Food Brands That Used Rap Slang To Flourish

Are food brands getting a bad rap for trying to be down? A few scrolls through Twitter show that Taco Bell, Denny’s Diner and iHop have all said their food items are “on fleek,” a term made viral thanks to Peaches Monroe and her eyebrows.

It isn’t just a one-time deal for iHop, either. The pancake titan debuted a “hip new voice,” quoting everyone from Blackstreet to Missy Elliott to Bobby Shmurda on their timeline.

“Twitter for us skews younger so it’s important to talk the talk when it comes to that fan base,” said iHop digital marketing expert Darrin Kellaris.

The trend isn’t anything new. Taco Bell jocked a Drake line for their fire sauce while Cheerios recruited Nelly for a G-rated remix of “Ride Wit Me.” Now, other brands are slowly Shmoney dancing onto the bandwagon, just to resonate with hip hop-obsessed young’uns online.

Vixens, head over to VIBE to see which brands are on point (or nah).

Photo Credit: Instagram

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