Mila J and Problem Discuss The ‘Pain In My Heart’ With New Video

Mila-J-Pain in my heart

Mila J gives us sexy and heart broken in “Pain in my Heart.”

Switching between a black bikini and beach cover up to a green two piece, the LA native sings of distress and relationship problems over a beach backdrop. “Such a shame how I keep falling for you, I love you so much. I can’t figure out, What you did to get me so fucked up. What you do to make me fall in love”

Entering the scene midway thru, Problem—wearing all black—stands on the sand as the water brushes up against him as he puts their troubled love triangle into perspective. “If loving you was wrong then my feelings in sin. This situation’s like a new age Biggie and Kim. We never though it’d get deep, Now we stuck in a loop. You know I got somebody, but I can’t stop thinking of you.”

“Pain In My Heart” is off Mila’s EP, M.I.L.A. Press play to watch her woeful beach day.