Official Vixen Party Guide for Howard Homecoming

The only thing to look forward to when the temperature drops are the schools with the best homecomings so you can relive your undergrad years.

One of the must attend events in any HBCU grad’s life is Howard University’s Homecoming. It’s reputation has resonated through many universities and whether people believe the hype or not, thousands tread to DC to see what it is all about or if it HU still has it.

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This year a few changes were made at Howard University, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the party scene. For three days straight you can plan to party the hardest you’ve done all year. Promoters are just as diligent as the school’s committee to make sure that no matter where your night leads you, you’re guaranteed to have a one worth writing home about. You will most likely spend big, party hard, and regret later (if you can remember that is).

We’ve picked our favorite party spots that are #VixenVerified to be the time of your life. Some we’ve attended in the past and always have an unbelievable great time (1000 bottles) and others we have high hopes that they will make a great first impression on us.

Aren’t sure what to spend you coins on? Flip the page to see our list of parties you should check out.