Drunk Fan Steals Prosthetic Leg Of Eagles Fan

It’s no secret that Philadelphia Eagles fans don’t have the most pristine reputation when it comes to sympathy. From booing Michael Irving as he lay injured during his final game to setting a Cowboys fan’s car on fire, there’s no limit to how far an Eagles fan may go to rub you the wrong way.

Or in one instance, take something you can stand on.

A man who sings outside of Eagles games found himself the victim of theft Sunday night during the Eagles/Giants game. The item stolen? His prosthetic leg.

Sonny Forriest Jr., a veteran who has once appeared on Jerry Springer, had his microphone broken and prosthetic leg stolen by an intoxicated woman in her 20s. The drunkard was wearing Eagles paraphernalia when she ran off with the leg and fled the scene. The kicker? Forriest Jr.’s leg was found by police on a subway later that night.

via ABC