Toya Wright Also Thinks Lil Wayne Dating Christina Milian Is ‘A Hot Mess’

Toya Wright is siding with Nivea when it comes to the confusion that could be entering their blended family. When asked about how she felt about Lil Wayne (Toya’s ex) dating Christina Milian (The-Dream’s ex after Nivea), she plainly explained that their mixxy situation is a hot mess. [VLAD TV]

A skinnier Zach Galifianakis got Brad Pitt to join him Between Two Ferns. Between awkward chit-chat about Ebola, the subway and Pitt looking “like Hitler’s dream,” Pitt promoted his forthcoming flick, Fury. [Funny or Die]

Don’t ask Anderson Cooper for a selfie when he’s on the clock. One novice journalist learned this the hard way. While on the scene of a fatal shooting in Ottawa, an “aspiring journalist” approached Cooper for a flick, but was swiftly curved because given the grim circumstances, the request was inappropriate. [Uproxx]

Taylor Swift stopped by Ellen Degeneres with enough quirk for all of us. In addition to performing “Shake It Off” and “Out Of The Woods,” Swift debuted a feline appreciation segment called “Kitty Corner” and shared her irrational fear or sea urchins and getting arrested (okay, so that’s totally rational). [The Hollywood Reporter]