Porsha Williams Dishes on Being Cut From RHOA + Trailer

Porsha Williams shares her feelings on the Solange fight.

True RHOA fans have already heard the news of Porsha Williams being chopped from the new season and it’s a sad story. The RHOA star claims that she was completely blindsided by the casting decision to cut her from her housewife status. Porsha will remain on the show, but only in a “friend” capacity.

After filming the entire season 7 of the show, Bravo made an announcement saying that Porsha would no long be a main housewife on the show. Although this is an unfortunate occurrence, she has decided to take this time to focus on her new relationship and gig at Dish Nation.

Hopefully being demoted from the spotlight will help Porsha achieve her relationship goals. Her fans will certainly miss her presence on the show, however.

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