President Obama Gives Celebratory Hug To Nurse Who Is Now Ebola Free

In light of New York’s most recent Ebola scare, there’s finally some good news rolling in concerning the deadly virus. Nina Pham—who treated the late Thomas Eric Duncan for Ebola (America’s patient zero) and contracted the deadly disease—has been declared virus free by the National Institutes of Health. Upon her diagnosis, the 26-year-old nurse was transferred to and treated at the Bethesda, Md., facility, which has a special advanced isolation and extended stay unit.

Today (Oct. 24), Pham spoke at a news conference expressing her gratitude for her care and being able to even deliver the address. “Throughout this ordeal, I have put my trust in God and my medical team,” she said. “I am on my way back to recovery, even as I reflect on how many others have not been so fortunate. I am so incredibly thankful for everyone involved in my care from the moment I became ill.”

To top it all off, Pham got to meet President Obama in the Oval Office later that day and be on the receiving end of a celebratory bear hug. Check out her words at the press conference below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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