It’s October 3rd: Quotes That Prove ‘Mean Girls’ is a Teen Classic

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Do you know what today is? “It’s October 3rd” (Cady’s voice)

While it’s non-significant with the release of the movie nor is it an anniversary, if you’re a true Mean Girls fanatic like us you know it’s the day Aaron Samuels and Cady took their relationship to the next level. He turned around in class and asked her what the day was and she replied, “It’s October 3rd” and the rest was history (in a way).

October Third 1

This teen classic is hilarious in so many ways and before all these stars went off to do less comical acts, we first fell in love (with some of them) in this cult classic. So to do our online duty to celebrate October 3rd, check out the quotes that prove why Mean Girls is a teen classic.

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