A Rapper Attempted To Poop Onstage After Getting Booed

Daylyt is a character. That we know. The California rapper brought his usual brand of costumes and antics to a battle rap against Real Deal in Phoenix over the weekend. Once more, fans were not having it with the rapper. No matter what costume he appeared in — the crowd proceeded to boo him mercilessly — obviously wanting more rhymes than theatrics from the tattooed emcee. After appearing on stage attempting to mimic a headless horseman during one of his punchlines, the rapper threatened to quit in his own special way. “If I hear two more boos, I’ll boo boo right on this stage,” he said, a similar stunt he tried to pull during Eminem’s “Total Slaughter” event in July. The crowd of course still wasn’t with his performance and then the rapper stopped in the middle of his round, pulled down his pants and attempted to boo boo on stage. Quickly, security grabbed the rapper before he could perform to much relief of the other battle rappers and fans in attendance. He was escorted out of the venue soon there after.


Security pulling @daylyt2k14 off this stage before he could shit. He'll get it someday.

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