The Ray Rice Controversy Is Now… A Halloween Costume

People waste no time turning controversy into foolery, and thanks to the Internet, the masses are now subjected to it. Barely two months following the release of footage of Ray Rice knocking his wife out cold, the disturbing story has garnered inspiration for a Halloween costume. Yes, you read that correctly. Donning Rice’s No. 27 Ravens jersey, one Halloween party goer’s get-up also included a blow-up doll, which unfortunately signifies Janay Rice, who was dragged off an elevator after her husband’s blow to the face. In keeping with his offensive display, the man dragged the blow-up doll across the floor.

Needless to say, this Halloween costume was not generally well-received:

After being suspended indefinitely, Rice is attempting to appeal the NFL’s decision. The hearing is scheduled for Nov. 5-6.

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