Remy Ma Freestyles on ‘Wendy,’ Shouts Out Nicki Minaj

Remy Ma hit up Wendy Williams’ couch for a candid discussion on jail, bail and beef with fellow female MC, Nicki Minaj.

The rapper waited six years, four months and five days before being released from prison and is letting us in on her experience. From phone calls with Fat Joe and DJ Khaled to receiving a generous donation from Keyshia Cole, Remy shared almost all of the details from her time behind bars. She even spoke about creating lifelong bonds with other inmates.

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“It’s so many people that believe that if someones in prison then they’re a bad person…because of the stigma that society has on us.” She defends herself and friends explaining,“We’ve been through so much. We’re all away from our children, away from our families doing hard time.” However she admits that she can’t be in contact with them due to her parole stipulation.

As far as rap beef is concerned, Remy has none. She confirmed her friendship with Nicki Minaj and dispelled all rumors of a possible feud. A fan of Minaj’s work Remy shout outs her out in an on the spot freestyle. She raps, “Ask em who’s the best female rapper they gon pick me, that’s just the facts. Shout out to Nicki!”