Rick Ross Reveals ‘Hood Billionaire’ Album Cover

Say what you will about Rick Ross, this man works!

After the March 2014 release of his Mastermind project, Ricky is set to drop his follow up, Hood Billionaire. The MMG quarterback released a six-minute video of him and a friend driving to a remote area to dig up four bags of cash filled with $8 million each.

Right before they load the pick up truck with the fourth bag, they notice a suspicious figure watching their movements. It’s then the screen fades to black and viewers hear a snippet of the Hood Billionaire’s intro as well as see the album cover.

The red cover shows Ross wearing a plethora of gold chains and pinky rings, enough to probably pay for two or three college tuitions., the deluxe version clad in blue is the same, maybe with an additional chain.

Peep the video and listen to the intro. Hood Billionaire drops Nov. 24.