That One Time Rihanna Took Herself On A Date

Going on a date by yourself looks totally lame, unless you’re Rihanna. The singer didn’t look any of the above this past weekend when she dined alone at her favorite NYC spot Da Silvano. The “No Love Allowed” singer hit the streets of NYC in patchwork jeans, a grey top and a black mink that would have PETA fed up. Her lack of fucks were on display as she was seen having a good time by herself and not caring what anyone else thought. SEE ALSO: A Strong Suggestion: Step It Up, Rihanna

She was spotted drinking a bottle of wine and sent a photo tweet that said “My. Kinda. Night.” It’s also surprising that she wasn’t seen requiring help when she finished her meal. She walked back into her black SUV and dashed off to her next adventure.

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