Happy Birthday Russell Simmons: Inspirational Tweets We Love From the OG

Russell Simmons Unveils PETA's "Famous Vegetarians" Postage Stamps

Today (Oct. 4) Russell Simmons or @UncleRush (to those of us on Twitter) is celebrating his 57th birthday.

The hip hop mogul is one of our favorite OG’s in the game as his words are gems, more so priceless tidbits of knowledge. And when it comes to living a clean, prosperous lifestyle full of enlightenment this man is king, from a full fledged yogi who encourages vegetarianism, social and environmental activism, there’s nothing he hasn’t dabbled in. So who better than to follow on Twitter? With 3.29 million followers, @UncleRush keeps it real on social media and most importantly positive. Troll his tweets any time of the day and you can bet he’s sending positive vibes out into the universe (no bubble bath needed).

To celebrate the Simmons special day check out a list of inspirational tweets we love from the OG himself.

Happy birthday Russell!

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Instagram