The Second White House Fence Jumper (Unwisely) Takes Out His Anger On A K-9 Dog

United States residents are getting bolder and bolder each day. Just a month after Oscar Gonzalez successfully hopped the White House fence and successfully made it into President Obama’s place of residence, another man has attempted to finish the mission. Last night (Wednesday), a man identified as 23-year-old Dominic Adesanya of Bel Air, Md. hopped the famed fence, but luckily did not make it inside.

He was quickly caught by the Secret Service and their K-9 squad, but not before landing a kick on a charging dog. Of course it didn’t end so well for him after that. He was tackled to the ground by both agents and the dog, sustaining dog bites (then arrested, of course). The pups who tassled with him—Hurricane and Jordan—were treated for minor bruising then cleared.

The security breach prompted a lockdown of the premises for at least 90 minutes. And yes, President Obama was inside, but at this time it’s unclear as to exactly where he was or whether his family was there, too. Watch the Fox News-obtained footage of the K-9 debacle up top.