Selena Gomez Is Super-Sexy In Latest Photoshoot


By the scantily clad looks of it, past Disney stars are shedding their clean cut demeanor and stepping into adulthood as bonafide hotties. From Vanessa Hudgens to Nick Jonas and even Miley Cyrus, these young adults are making headlines about their oh-so grown up transformation we’ve watched right before our eyes.

Moreover, Vixen-favorite, Selena Gomez has been turning heads and spicing things up with her super-sexy looks as of late. Just yesterday, photographer and filmmaker Aris Jerome released four published photos from a hot photoshoot the two collaborated on and my goodness does Ms. Gomez look all grown up and gorgeous. She served photoshoot fresh as her chocolate brown mane gave effortlessly sexy while wet look, her makeup was dewy in the best way possible, and she rocked a sleek bondage bathing suit accompanied by an oversized black and white striped jacket, making the portraits of the young Hollywood actress absolutely swoon-worthy.

Although Gomez hit the Ellen Show just this past week admitting she’s working hard on herself after rehab and drama with ex Justin Bieber and ranks her progress on a scale from 1 to 10 as a “7”, we must admit this 22-year-old looks beautiful and comfortable in her skin.

Vixens, continue clicking to check out Selena Gomez’s latest photo shoot.


Photo Credit(s): Aris Jerome