Little Girls Drop the F Bomb in the Name of Sexism ‘I Shouldn’t Need a Penis To Get Paid’


What better way to grab someone’s attention than with little kids cursing? FCKH8 is back with a new video, not promoting racism this time but feminism and sexism.

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They delivered the message through girls between the age of six and 13-years-old in pink and purple dresses accessorized with pearls and tiaras. As cute as the girls look their profanity-filled message was recited boldly as they state true facts about gender inequality.

“Women are being paid 23% less than men for doing the exact same fucking work—Pay up mother fucker, I shouldn’t needs a penis to get paid.”

The video ends by the promotion of their latest anti-sexism t-shirts. $5.00 from every t-shirt purchase goes to charities fighting against gender inequality.

Press play to watch.

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