Vixen Chat: Shekinah Jo Talks ‘Weave Trip’, Being An Entrepreneur, and Life Outside Of Reality TV


VV: How did Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip come about?

SJ: Basically I wanted to make money, just like everyone else wants to. I came up with the idea because Tiny is always late when I’m supposed to be doing her hair for an event or whatever. So I thought that creating a beauty salon on a bus would be perfect, you know so you can be mobile and  most importantly on time. I like to call it “getting dolled up on the bus”. The mobile part came from the food trucks in L.A. and how they are always traveling and set up shop in a city and make crazy money. I knew Tiny and I could do that, duh. The show is also similar to the “Simple Life” with Paris and Nicole because they traveled across the U.S. having fun and doing crazy things together. That’s what Tiny and I do but on a bus from  L.A. to Atlanta, doing hair and all these other interesting things.

Do you have any future projects do further develop your brand?

I’m always working. I not only have passion for doing hair, but ever since being in hair school I wanted to create hair products as well. Paul Mitchell was my hair hero in school and still until this day as an entrepreneur. Right now I have my Shekinah Jo Beautiful Edges product, which is basically my version of Edges by Hicks. It’s a control paste that tames fly-aways and is great for both relaxed and natural hair. Then I also have my own brand of shampoo and conditioner that puts moisture back into your hair with intense nourishment and they have really good natural ingredients too. Another venture I’m interested in is a hair tour. I see all these other hairstylists traveling and doing hair, but what I’d like to do is teach them about hair, kind of like school. From how to do a correct sew-in to the right braiding technique I want to be able to share the secrets to my craft and what makes Shekinah Jo reputable in the business.