Vixen Chat: Shekinah Jo Talks ‘Weave Trip’, Being An Entrepreneur, and Life Outside Of Reality TV


What is some advice you would give young entrepreneurs?

If you believe in yourself, do it. As a young kid all I knew how to do was braid, but I went after my dream and didn’t give up and look at me now. That’s not just advice for younger people but anyone because it’s never too late.

Outside of TV what is Shekinah’s life like? 

I still have a regular life. It’s just more exposure for me when I’m out in public. Aside from being Tiny’s hairstylist I still have my own faithful clients that have been riding with me since day one.

What are some of your do’s and dont’s of weave?

Oh lord (laughs). Girl, there are so many but I’m going to share with you my main ones. First, do use oil ladies. I think people forget that just because you’re wearing a weave where your own hair is concealed you still have to take care of your hair underneath. So oil is definitely needed to moisturize your hair, but don’t overdo it. A don’t would be invisible part weaves if you wear them for more than a couple of days. If you wear it over a week y’all will be looking a mess, trust.

Photo Credit: Website