Snoop Dogg’s New Album Might Be Kind Of Epic…

Here is yet another reason to praise the music gods.

When he’s not advocating for marijuana law reform or posing as a white guy named Todd, Snoop Dogg is apparently cooking up heat in the studio. Not only will Snoop Dogg’s upcoming album be entirely produced by the extraordinaire that is Pharrell Williams, it will also feature Charlie Wilson and Stevie Wonder. Snoop confirmed the news on Instagram.

Calling the project “completely different than anything we’ve ever done,” Snoop’s upcoming album will find the rapper sticking to his original moniker and abandoning the Snoop Lion reggae vibe. Williams also praised the project, admitting that “Snoop’s album is better than mine.” While the two haven’t divulged many details, the two have both dubbed the project a feel-good record. And if their past work together is any evidence, that should not be hard to believe.

Stay tuned for Snoop Dogg’s album’s title and release date.